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Welcome aboard, CoastJet Airlines

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First A320neo delivered 9/27/2020

Welcome to the fleet!

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About us

Welcome to Cloud9 Air Group

Cloud9 Air Group is a management team overseeing the operations of Cloud9 Airlines and CoastJet. Cloud9 is a virtual airline based in Phoenix, Arizona operating a fleet of Boeing 737's, A320's and Embraer 175's across the United States, Canada and Mexico. CoastJet is a low cost virtual airline base in San Francisco, CA operating a colorful fleet of Boeing 737's and Q400 turboprops.

Total Pilots

Total Hours Flown

Total Aircraft in Fleet

Total Pax Carried

Latest News

Inauguration Fly-in
New Year. New FNO.
Ending the Year in Paradise

Latest Pilots

CCN26 Sean Warren
COJ24 Dan Pergau
CCN22 Ross Gunn
CCN20 Zeke Elias
COJ17 Dwight Edison

Booked Flights

No bids have been made

Active Flights

Pilot Airline Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain

Recent Reports

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted By Revenue Status
COJ329 KRNO KPDX B737-717NG 01.23 Grant Williams $ 32, 039.20 Accepted
COJ314 KPDX KSEA B737-717NG 00.47 Ryan Badger $ 33, 656.20 Accepted
CCN107 KLAS KPHX B737-818NG 01.08 Andrew Johnson $ 18, 217.30 Accepted
COJ115 KSFO KLAS B737-717NG 01.21 Andrew Johnson $ 18, 657.30 Accepted
COJ115 KSFO KLAS B737-818NG 01.22 Grant Williams $ 88, 200.00 Accepted
CCN289 KPHX KCOU E-175 02.47 Sean Warren $ 15, 243.00 Accepted
COJ332 PHOG PHTO B737-717NG 00.33 Grant Williams $ 36, 450.90 Accepted
COJ331 PHNL PHOG B737-717NG 00.34 Grant Williams $ 36, 954.40 Accepted
COJ330 PHLI PHNL B737-717NG 00.26 Grant Williams $ 34, 766.00 Accepted
COJ102 KLAX KSFO B737-717NG 00.57 Grant Williams $ 14, 601.40 Accepted

Thank you all